Missing In Cyberspace


Sorry to be gone so long.....it was never my intention. Take it up with Transportation......

I have never been in limbo-land for a month as a result of a move. I blame transportation for it all......they have no ability to deliver our household goods, period, until the 2nd of July, maybe the 1st.......and so I am TDY with my husband......and my children. He had to go away and so we all went with him.

Our internet sucks in lodging here so I am doing my best to let you know I have not abandoned my blog....I am still here, just not here as in here, here. Yes I sound like a bumbling idiot, who wouldn't after 3 weeks of living with your entire family either at the family's house or in a hotel room.....? I mean come on, you can only take so much family togetherness before you are ready to run and hide in the bathroom for sanity purposes.

And so I have no sanity left.....we still face the 11-12 hours worth of driving home in a couple days to face 4 more days in a hotel......so if my blog goes into hibernation for a bit, assume I've been locked up for mental illness due to TOO MUCH FAMILY TOGETHERNESS......never thought when my husband was deployed that we would spend too much time together as a family, but let me tell you, it is possible to wish for some time ALONE.......


ASW ~ currently writing from somewhere in the world, but not at home.


  1. How ANNOYING! Sorry to hear you are dealing with that

  2. ...it is possible to wish for some time ALONE.......

    You are SO right, ASW. I feel for ya but don't have any advice, other than "hang in there." One more week, and then you can start unpacking boxes and putting stuff away!

    (Is that the classic "be careful what you ask for" scenario?)

  3. Ohh good god that sounds painful. Eek... Sorry for all the stresses.

  4. doing the same @#$* here, pardon the French...

    good luck to you


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