I love the words ORDERS! Cause we have ours.........

As my husband stated in the email to me when he sent them to me


Our ticket to Freedom!

Love you!"

Now is the countdown.......we are getting real close to their return date, hopefully enough time for them to work out the issue with my nerve. I think I have an entrapped nerve in my thigh, EMG test is next which will determine where the issue lies and it better be done next week or I will call and schedule it myself.........I think I will need soft tissue work done to work it out, and hopefully I will walk across that field when they come home and not in a wheel chair. Keep the prayers coming.......(Anyone that knows about this condition let me know what you know please!)

I feel horrible about not keeping up with everyone, but I am so medicated on most days it really is hard to think straight. I hope that everyone is well and that things are fine.

With much love ~ A Soldier's Wife


  1. But...but... you left out the most important part! Where are all y'all going? Or does that break OPSEC?

    Congrats, ASW. And my thoughts and prayers are still with you...

  2. YAH!! for orders!!! Hang in there on the recovery!

  3. Yay for orders!! Hope you recover fast!!! Now where are you going?! You coming to Germany to be with me?! How cool!!! LOL.

  4. Yeah, to me it's more about breaking PERSEC.....lets just say it's a TRADOC position, non-deployable and far far away from here! :D

    Chelly I would love nothing more then for this position to be in Germany, but alas in our (I say our because I was the same MOS as he was when I was active) very few positions over there anymore much less one in a leadership position!

    Recovery continues to suck, my surgeon is at the top of my YOU ARE PISSING ME OFF LIST! These secondary injuries I have, my impinged nerve in my left shoulder, the contusion on my right leg and the nerve issue are all as a direct result of the surgery, he is responsible, yet he is blowing me off, I can't walk and I am in pain and very angry....I have left multiple messages to which none have been answered, so here I lie, miserable and waiting for a call that isn't going to come....so I will call again today!


  5. I hate to hear that you still feel miserable but at least you SOUND positive. That will help you through this.

    Big hugs! Yay for some peace of mind!

  6. I just read through your past few posts and I'm so sorry you're not doing so well! What a bummer! I hope today was a good day for pain management and that tomorrow is even better...


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