Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and Ad Council PSA

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) in partnership with the Ad Council have launched a campaigned for Veterans of OIF and OEF. The campaign encourages Veterans to join an online community that is the first and only one of it's kind that is specifically exclusive to the Veterans of these conflicts. It is designed to help them connect with one another. Much like military blogs, the social networking site provides them a place to talk about their own unique experiences.

I received this information from Matt Hirsch, on behalf of IAVA, in partnership with the Ad Council and felt it important to help the word out about this site.

See, I am very lucky that when issues came up with my husband after he returned this last time....issues that had been there for many years (since his first tour) that he knew that there was something wrong. He knew that seeking help for the growing feelings he was experiencing was what he needed to do. I was also very lucky that my husband is a loving husband and father and never let the uphill climb he faced (and still does) destroy his love for us or his commitment to making through to the other side.

Other service members are not so lucky, they may not have the supportive love of a wife who understands, or children waiting for them so that they can pick up where they left off once they return, or a Command that "gets it", or family and friends standing by their side. Many do feel alone and as if they have no one that truly understands where they are coming from.

Maybe this will be one more tool to help them feel less like they are in it all by themselves. Please help me, help them spread the word......