Victory Day in Iraq ~ November 22, 2008

As the spouse of a soldier who witnessed first hand, the amazing transformation in Ramadi and Al Anbar from 2006 to 2008, the news from those on the ground in Iraq is WONDERFUL!  As it is quickly spreading through the blogsphere....I join with others tomorrow in celebrating VI Day..... Victory in Iraq! 

An great idea of Zombie at Zombietime.com, one that I think should have come from somewhere within our own great Nation's Government, but since neither our outgoing, nor incoming administration will take on the responsibility of declaring this hard earned Victory for our Service Members and their families, then it is up to the people of our Great Nation to do it for them.....so join Zombie and the rest of us tomorrow in declaring November 22, 2008, VI Day in Iraq.....

Join in the celebration......read more here and here and here  and here and here, hell, everywhere ....I can't begin to link to all the places that are part of this.  It is what it is......

Congradulate our brave Service Men and Women for all they have sacrificed to acheive what so many said could never be done.....we did not tuck tail and run.....we did not leave with our honor disgraced.....we stand with our heads held high.  We value each life that was lost, every service man and woman who was injured, who bares the internal and external scars of this War.....the families who gave and lost all, that are left to carry on, they know that what was lost, or given, was not taken in vain......we acknowledge their sacrifices with our unyeilding resolve, with our love and compassion as we stand and celebrate this Victory with them..... God Bless each of them, their families and the United States of America.   

To Victory!