Why am I still amazed at people's stupidity?

Check out Michelle Malkin's piece here, the loonies are running rampant in the streets of Washington State......

She states at the end of it "This is not free speech. This is unconscionable vandalism and physical interference intended to undermine the troops in a time of war. Someone needs to establish the rule of law in Olympia before it’s too late. Enough is enough.."

In my eyes, enough was enough oh, about a year ago and I'm thinking these people need to be charged with a whole lot of things....lets start out with murder, I look at it from the standpoint of we are not charging them with anything now, why not charge them with what they really are ultimately facilitating by their stupidity? For every piece of equipment they keep from being shipped out, it's one less the soldier's have to effectively do their job safely and that puts lives in unnecessary risk.....and someone dies.....and the fault comes back to the origin of delay......the morons back on the street sitting in front of the trucks trying to get this equipment to port......

And we wonder why people from other countries talk so poorly about our Leaders like Sarah over at Trying to Grok states in her Who Does This piece. Well America wonder no more......there is simply no one holding ANYONE accountable....sort of makes you wonder how safe you are, don't it?

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