I have about finished the chore of taking down the decorations from Christmas......I have one remaining tree left.....but I sit here looking at it and kind of feel a bit sad thinking about taking it down......I love Christmas and when it's over, I'm sad.......the house looks drab and unfestive with all of the decor put away.......but it has to come down......and then there is the other reasons I don't want to take this last and final tree down...... I no longer have the box it goes in, so I have to put it in two separate boxes and that is a pain, it does not fit well in them and it also has an extra set of lights on it. It is a prelit tree I bought in Europe and when one part went out I just weaved this extra set in because I'm too lazy to cut out the set that is burned out and too cheap to buy a new tree ......I am quite sure that they will fall off the tree when I take it down......it is ALSO the tree that has all the hand made ornaments on it......so they have to be wrapped up individually and it takes FOREVER to put them away......and so I procrastinate in just doing it. Until recently it used to be the only tree I put up but now I put up two main trees and a bunch of little ones.....this one is in the family room and so it sits as the last remaining remnant of the holiday.

Dennis and I even went outside and have taken everything down already, which to some people would not be such a huge thing, except if you go back and read this post, you would know that we are definitely related to Clark Griswald and that in doing this it required a trip up on the roof and many zip ties to keep everything from tangling up for next years installation of the light fiasco (on our new house). At least the de-lighting of the house did not end with anyone falling off the roof of the house, although Dennis tried his best to attempt it on multiple occasions. Including taking the box off the house that had all the lights in it and the rooftop river dance he did over his sister's room to wake her and her friend up that almost bought him a oneway trip down as well......I thought I'd have heart failure before we were done.

He then chose to jump down off roof via the fence wall instead of using the ladder which threw me into the 20 minute lecture on how dangerous that was......we stood there mother and son, he on the ground me on the roof with my hands on my hips at a stand off before I just turned around and walked away........he will be lucky to make it to a double digit age at this rate, either he will kill himself with his antics or his mother will take him out.

In the midst of all of the de-Christmasing outside my husband calls and after speaking to both the girls and myself he asked to speak to Dennis, so I call to him and low and behold he has scaled the huge magnolia tree on the far end of our yard....and instead of using the branches to descend, he simply lets go and drops through the branches, giving me a heart attack.....coming out of the trees yelling "I'm alright, I'm alright" like the scene from "It's a Wonderful Life"....meanwhile I'm ready to once again kill superboy........who luckily this time, has not broken anything.

So here I sit contemplating taking down the final tree knowing that it just needs to be done....one less thing hanging over my head.....if I just do it I can move on to the other 1 billion nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand other things I need to be doing.......it just never ends.

Kids need to go back to school, dammit!


  1. Our nine year old is fearless. Yesterday I saw her jump from one little tree to the next, catching a branch, then swinging down to the ground - like a little monkey. I did the hands on my hips "do you know how dangerous that was" thing, too!

    we have 2 more weeks of winter break....

  2. Wendy we need to ensure to keep these two far and clear from one another, else they might blow something up as they get older.....he managed to break two bones in his foot when he was four, he thought he could fly.....um....nope!

    We have 5 days til they go back.....and I am ready to pull out my hair! Two teens, the noise, cars and their friends are bad enough, bring in the 9 yr old and his friends and I feel like I need cages and padded cells....unfortunately I feel like I am the one that needs the padded cell :D


  3. OK...I'm laughing, but it's with you, ASW. I can relate; my ten year-old is in the same boat, and I can remember my Mom doing the same sorts of things and striking the same poses you've described.

    It's a wonder we make it to adulthood, no?

  4. Yeah Buck it is amazing you make it to adulthood.....he scares the hell out of me.....just as I am sure you did your mom and Wendy's daughter does her.....

    My daughters not so much when they were younger with the antics, but now with the EVERYTHING else!


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