The 7 things I hate about moving.......

In no particular order......

1. unpacking
2. trying to figure out the schools
3. finding new dentists/orthodontists/doctors
4. finding a new church where you feel at home
5. starting over in your community (making friends)
6. moving all your information (insurance, change of address, etc.)
7. missing the things that made your last home, feel like home

I used to love it when we PCS'd, a chance to start over and I found it to be an adventure, but now it seems like such an effort to do this stuff all over and over again. I guess I'm burned out.....

****Okay, so updated to add #8****
8. getting used to the new News Anchors in your area....they all seem strange!

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  1. Hi! I am not sure where I came across your blog. Anyway I really understand you on this one...I really loved to move! Our last move in 2003 to Alaska was our last pcs. I am so happy about that. But it drives my husband nuts because every 6 or so months I have to move everything around in the house. He calls it the pcs itch. I still miss the moving, well the getting to see new places part. He retires soon and that will be a sad time of getting use to being retires army. Right now we are getting ready for his last deployment to iraq and that in someways in a move in its self.
    have a great weekend!


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