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So okay, I am a soldier's wife and I am a Project Runway watcher. I used to loathe the show, but as each season ran, I am now stuck on it!

I just can't help myself......now with the Bravo show Flipping Out, which really is quite terrible...Jeffrey is such an f-ing ass....(I caught this one last night) only to discover that my husband had already been watching it [gasp] and caught me up to speed.....I now fear I am becoming a B-rated-reality-TV junky! I really need to find something more productive to occupy my time...... like working on my house!

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  1. I love Flipping Out! In all honesty, I love watching it because it's the "train wreck" mentality of it all. I used to work for Jeff Lewis (not HIM, but someone just like him) until 3 1/2 months ago. This guy was NUTS! Other than that, my secret (please don't tell anyone) is that I watch The Hills on MTV. The Husband runs screaming from the room when it's on... but I think of it as a break from the stress of everything else. Any other time, you can find our TV playing Fox News, Food Network or The Military Channel... I don't know if we have any others!
    ~The Cat's Pajamas


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