So Christmas is coming

Whether we want it to or not!!!!

And I am so not ready! I do not think I have everything for dinner and I have company coming.....I am still missing things that I can not find in the boxes that seem to keep multiplying around my house...and yet I swear there has to be more of them somewhere because I know there are things that were here that are not here now! I swear I am losing my mind.

I am not done shopping but I am done shopping, ya know? I simply think that if I have to buy anything else, it is for someone that I have not sent it to yet, because unlike everyone else, I am not wrapped around the aspect of it being late, if it's late, it's late. I kind of like the idea of late arriving gifts, gives me something to look forward to after the fact. I know, I know, call me crazy.

Lets see, we have blown out, stepped on, knocked over and hit with a football more Christmas lights then I care to count. I have had to scale the house on more then one occasion to fix them......right now I have to fix the ones around my door because apparently someone in the house (we won't point fingers DENNIS) slammed the front door and caught the strand in it and now the lights are not only out but are in shards in the door frame, can we say electrical nightmare waiting to happen? And then there is the infamous GFCI circuit breaker that continues to get tripped due to the combination of lights and hair dryers......exactly what do my daughters not understand about the fact that their bathroom outlets and the ones outside are all connected to the same circuit breaker? I have shown them what happens when you try to run the hair dryer with the lights on and yet at least three days a week I have one of them coming in to tell me that once again nothing is working in the bathroom, as if they have no clue as to why!!!

Then we have the weather and the lights that blew off the house that had to be put back on and the movable yard ornaments that have possessed motors that work at random, on occasion I feel like pulling a "Clark Griswald" and kicking all of it down and think to myself is it really worth it......all the work and the rework and worrying over it all.....and then I stood outside with my son last night who after helping me fix all of it, proclaimed to me "Mom, the house really looks good, I'm glad you fixed it again" .....so yeah, it's all worth it.......

Come on New Years!!!!!!!!!! :D


  1. Ah...holiday stress rearing it's none-too-pretty head, eh? You mention pulling a "Clark Griswald," I'll second that with second-hand Griswoldian advice relayed to me. Two words:

    "Jack Daniels."


  2. Oh it was Smirnoff tonight hidden in some blue razberry concoction thingy with ice, after that I forwent the blue stuff and drank it straight, then the rain came, the GFCI blew and we were once again in the DARK....damn GREMLINS, another fine Christmas Movie.....where is Stripe when you need him and his merry little GremMENlins???? Did I mention I left my windows down and my sunroof open.....yeah that kind of sucked too! All in a day!


  3. The vid was way-cool...but the "cannot download" message at the beginning freaked me out, given the usually-lame state of my 'net connection...

    Is that Ronnie Spector singing? I think so...

  4. Yeah the whole cannot download was funny...I like the Lincoln shadow puppet too.....

    but I think that is Mariah singing that version of it.....a little too deep for Ronnie......


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