Wow.....one day after Christmas

and I see we have been HIT WITH THE LOSE YOUR HOLIDAY POUNDS with a vengeance media barrage. I have seen this as THE top running story on each of the news pages I opened today from AOL to Yahoo....I mean did WE ALL OVEREAT THIS YEAR AGAIN??? That THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to have running on the NEWS?

I mean there IS A WAR GOING ON!!! HELLO...the PRIMARY ELECTIONS BEGIN IN JUST DAYS running through to June.....(My state wont vote until February, but still) and here we are worrying over how the hell we are going to shed 10 pound in 7 days....I have the perfect solution, cut off your HEAD! The average person's head weighs 13 pounds and if the idiots writing this crap would cut theirs off, we would not be subjected to this any longer.....they must line these doctors up for weeks in advance with their interviews so that they have their copy ready at midnight on December 26th!

Wake up America, stop overeating and go out and take a walk this is really simple and it didn't change from LAST YEAR when you did it the LAST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHEESH


  1. ...it didn't change from LAST YEAR when you did it the LAST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But...but...tell us how you really feel, ASW!

    (me, too...FWIW.) ;-)

  2. It's my blog and I am telling you how I really feel (using my most pouty voice I can :D)

    It's like the Christmas decorations in August....lets move the New Years Diet up to the day before Thanksgivine next year and just NOT OVER EAT and we will not have that weight to lose, okay.....everything in moderation, isn't that what they say....a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips, eat to live not live to eat.......blah blah blah.....It's a life time change not a diet.....(okay rolling my eyes now.....I need to change formats so I can have the cool little emoticons so I can express myself properly)

    I guess I am just fed up with excuses.....lets just call it what it is......NO SELF CONTROL!!!!! WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE FACT THAT WE DESTROY OUR HEALTH WITH THE FAD DIETING THAT PLAGUES OUR KIDS BECAUSE THEY FOLLOW SUIT BEHIND THEIR PARENTS BAD HABITS.... no wonder we are in such bad shape as a nation....

    Okay, off my soap box now....going to go drown in a glass of water.....and that is another thing, our nation does not drink enough water.....okay, back off the box.


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