This generation's video games....it's definitely NOT Atari!!!!

We are a family that now owns 2 play stations and 2 x`boxes......someone explain this to me please. I am a fairly intelligent woman so how in the world have we managed to end up with what amounts to over a thousand dollars in video game consoles? I don't even want to discuss how much is invested in the disc games for these consoles or the different controllers that go with these games......it is staggering in what our extended family has dropped into these games as gifts for my kids......who I am sure have not even played them all......for that matter, probably hasn't opened them all.

So last night my daughter's had friends over. Normally this would be no problem, except for the game system..........which subjected me to the brutality of my daughters and their friends' new discovery.....the fine art of Performing. For hours on end last night, my son and I were subjected to four teenage girls, who are now not only determined to be the latest SINGING SENSATION, but are now also sure that are the next CARLOS SANTANA on GUITAR HERO and they are ready to take on DANCING WITH THE STARS.......all in one night.

I had to listen to them jam with the likes of the SCORPIONS and LEONARD SKYNARD sing along with DURAN DURAN and BLONDI and thump on the floor as they DDR'ed (DANCE DANCE REVOLUTIONed) their way almost through the pergo flooring of the house until 2:30 in the morning.......

After which they popped in the movie 300 that reverberated through the walls as King Leonidas and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae to Defend Greece......until I finally told them that was it, LIGHTS OUT!!!!!!!!! .........but alas there will be no jamming sessions tonight, no all night sing-alongs, the dancing floors remain silent, as mom has silenced the game systems......(she stole the connection wires from each of them)......yeah sneaky, but a mom has to do what a mom has to do, right? RIGHT?

They already decided they want a Wii ........my only holdout will be my husband, but last I heard they had emailed him about it, and since Dad wants to make the kids happy cause he's been gone for years I'm sure I will lose that battle.....but then two of the others have to go, there is simply no reason we have to have these things in duplicate....you can't play two at a time, can YOU?


  1. I feel your pain, ASW...kinda sorta. While I'm not into video games, my ten year old IS...and he bought a couple of new ones for Christmas this year, too. SN1 has a Wii, and loves it. The whole fam damily loves it, as well. Would you believe bowling night, right in the family room? And baseball? Pretty cool stuff.

    Your patience is MUCH higher than mine! While I know it's the holidays, Christmas vacation, and all that...midnite would have been "lights out!" for me...

  2. Yeah, well.....I apparently need a backbone too :D!

    And you are so not helping me here with the Wii argument!!!!

  3. And you are so not helping me here with the Wii argument!!!!

    Oops. My Bad. Waste of money, they are. Buy a football, instead. Go outside and toss it around...get some fresh air. Or...take up hockey! Or...motorcycles! Scrabble?



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