Letter to my Love


I am using my blog to write this to you so that the whole world would know how proud I am of you and to be your wife. You have continued to support me throughout this whole ordeal. You are the love of my life, everything to me. We have spent a lifetime going through so many changes that the world has forced upon us, you took it all in stride while I was the one who was a bit freaked out......

In just a few weeks we will be together and we will begin our wonderful new life away from deployments and the stress of division life. I know we will face other uphill challenges and separations, but with what we have endured thus far, I know that we can pretty much survive anything.....

Each of the poems I have placed on this blog, with the exception of one, have come from the bottom of my heart. I am glad that you really liked the last one........when I read it with some of my favorite music playing in the background, I could almost feel you reading it.

So with this open letter to you my love I also send it out with our song..........hoping you can feel the love coming from my heart to yours.........I am forever yours.....

your wife

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