Why do children have to die?

My oldest daughter came in my room a little while ago and told me that one of the girls she knows at school died in her sleep............she was crying and climbed in bed with me. She asked me why and I told her and her brother and sister that sometimes people just die. This young girl was a twin.......I'm sure they are watching her sister very closely until further word comes in about how her twin died.

I feel awful for this family. But early this morning I had a dream that my oldest daughter had died, of what I don't know, but she was gone. A few nights ago I dreamed that my younger daughter had died in a motorcycle accident, a few months ago I dreamed that my son and I were hiking and he fell off a cliff-side and died. For the longest time I know I will be a little freaked out whenever he is in the position of being somewhere high or when my daughter rides on her dad's Harley with him. These dreams are very real and scare me down to my bones.

I knew when my daughter walked into my room crying that someone she knew had died........her last friend that died, died 18 months ago. I was the one that told her then, today she had that same look.....I almost wonder if she is scared. I am trying to reassure all of them that what happened, happened because it just did, but it's so hard when even I don't understand............

Say a prayer for this family...........


  1. For this and your last post.... I am so sorry. I hate those death dreams. It would be interesting to see what dream analysis would say about it...

    You are in my prayers. I wish I could say more or do more. I check in on you daily, not physically I know. But I do wish you well.

  2. I hate those dream deaths.
    You poor daughter, seeing so much ugly, having to deal with grief like this at such an early age. ::hugs to all::


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