A yearly ritual

The Mountains of Europe taken from Eagles Nest

I lay here in bed once again watching "The Sound of Music" and think back about how many years I have watched this movie. It also reminds me so much of when we visited the area where it was filmed. We drove in areas around Austria but never had the chance to go and take the tour but I did manage to take some beautiful pictures from "Eagles Nest" that will forever remind me of this movie..... I of course have wonderful photos of my family taken of the area surrounding this wonderful place in Germany. Berchtesgaden is wonderful, I suggest if you live in Germany, that you go.....it is so wonderful to visit this area.....

Eagles Nest itself.

The entrance to the cave where you take the elevator
up to Eagle's Nest. The temperature really takes a dive
the further in you go, but once you emerge from it, you
are inside of the building, which is now a restaurant.


  1. Great pics, ASW. I never made it to Berchtesgaden when I was in Europe, both as a child and as an adult. The family had a trip planned there one year, but my father got a short-notice TDY and we didn't go... Sound familiar?

    Happy Easter!

  2. Sounds real familiar. It was a sqeeze in trip, between those deployments, but one that we enjoyed so much.

    Happy Easter to you as well!

  3. First off, thank you for the note... It does help knowing I am not alone. DH sent her an email, he gave her the APO, but not the home phone, and neither of our cells. Sounds good to me. Will see if she actually uses the APO.

    Second, very nice. That is one area I would love to go. I love The Sound of Music and always hoped one day to visit the place. We shall see... So far, no real trips planned... One day.. one day...

  4. well if you go, you need to go ahead and go into Saltzburg and atleast visit the grounds they walked....the movie just makes me remember this trip. We went into the salt mines there and that too was very neat. The last winter we were there we took what I called "our castle tour" and headed up the Rhein river via car. There was snow on the ground up there and it was beautiful. Of course the castles were closed but I took wonderful pictures, and we found refuge in the small towns along the way to eat the local fare, and of course drink a glass of wine. It was a wonderful day. We even took the ferry across the river, what a day trip that was. My husband always had a way of surprising us with well planned unplanned day trips.....I miss that so much when he is gone. Chelly if you do anything while in Germany, make sure you enjoy it! I miss it so much, but I know to go back it would never be the same, sort of the "you can never go home" theory.

    And you are welcome for the note :)
    Keep your chin up, take it one day at a time.


  5. Great photos! I've never been to Germany or Austria, but some day...

  6. "Great photos! I've never been to Germany or Austria, but some day..."

    It was some day, one of many......



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