So today is the day..........

TO ME!!!!!!

And I get to have an EMG and Nerve Study done today find out if they can locate the source of my pain......I pray that this test reveals it to be what I think it is, and the fix as simple as what my Physician and I discussed because I can no longer walk.......the pain so severe I can not place any weight on my foot, to do so hurts so bad that I just can not stand it any longer......so keep up the prayers, maybe for my birthday God will give me an answer.........


  1. ~~ Happy Birthday to you..
    Happy Birthday to Yewww...
    Happy Birthday...
    Eh- Ess- Dooouble-Yewww!
    Happy Biiirthday to YEEEWWWW! ~~

    ~~ And MAANNY MOOOORE! ~~

    You are in my prayers, ASW. Here's hoping all goes well today, they identify exactly what's wrong, and they FIX it, post-haste!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I pray you get what you want for your birthday, and then some.

  3. Came over from Buck's place to wish you a Happy Birthday. Sorry you got pains. Hope the answers are as simple as possible. I am learning to deal with rheumatoid arthritis that came on me. My thumb hurt so bad one day last month I pleaded with my wife of 52 years to dial 911. She refused.

  4. Happy Birthday. My prayers are with you.

  5. Darling, Happy Birthday! I came over from Buck's, and my birthday present is a prayer for you to get the diagnosis you wish.

  6. Happy birthday sweetie. Hope you feel better soon! Big hugs!

  7. Thanks for the song Buck..... really hard to say to people when they ask me, how old I am to say that number......but alas it is what it is.....and I'm still in pain but working through it, counting down the days until the man comes home, we are down to weeks! YAY!


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