Love Poem.........For my husband.

Happy Easter Babe

A Love Forever
© By Gail A. Yarbrough

Every I love you, you whisper,
is like rain for the trees,
moonlight for the ocean,
nectar for the bee

Every kiss bestowed upon me
is like fragrance on flowers,
heat upon the desert,
mist from morning showers

Every glance in my direction
is like flame to the fire,
a twinkling of stars,
a spark of love's desire

Every moment in your arms
is like waves to the ocean,
a rushing, primal urge,
a sweet mix of emotion

Every passing year marriage
is like joy without measure,
a life without limits,
I shall love you forever.


  1. Once again, with this and your response to the book your husband wrote, you leave me breathless. You guys are so amazing together. I am so touched to read of your love for one another. We should all be so blessed.

    And yes, though you are still in pain and dealing with quite a bit, you are TRULY BLESSED.


  2. T~ I do feel blessed, but there were hard times too, but we learned from them. Sometimes those hard times were the times we learned the most about one another because we were so raw and truly open with one another. We always had a pact not to ever let the sun go down with one of us gone, we always came home, even if a little still mad, we honored that and well we knew when to hop on the other's lap, yeah, he'd hop on mine too, but we knew when it was okay to do it and tickle to snuggle out the rest of the anger.....sometimes the hard times are also the learning times.

    hugs :)


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