I guess I could be more productive

I don't get up much....I'm either in the living room or laying on my bed. Since the nerves in my foot get agitated when I walk. I could be reading the 15 or so books I have on my list. Right now the current selection is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, its funny, enlightening and interesting, but it's not as interesting as my guilty pleasure.

Thats right I am an addict....no it's not alcohol, but then who could blame me there, it's not even this computer, which I barely turned on yesterday, except to look at real estate, which totally bummed me out, nope my addiction is to HGTV. I slap anyone who touches my remote control. My husband says I am out of control......but I'm not.......

Here is why I have become an addict of HGTV. Where we are moving to, the real estate is not overly expensive, but the real estate taxes are enormous.....and so I fear we may have to buy a house that needs renovation. I have renovated rooms in our houses before, but one property we are interested in will need the entire kitchen and probably both bathrooms done......and so I am an addict of HGTV, because I know these things can be done without costing enormous amounts of money but you have to know how to do it, and so I have been soaking up this information like a sponge........

SO I, A Soldier's wife am an HGTV addict......oh the shame.

yeah, I have nothing better to write about so there you have it.......


  1. HGTV and I became good friends during the deployment as well. After all, I had a whole house to de-bachelorize. ;)

    Our project over block leave: chair rail. Fun!

    Enjoy your HGTV. :D

  2. SO I, A Soldier's wife am an HGTV addict......oh the shame.

    Well... it could be worse. The computer is probably my biggest addiction. It takes me up to four hours to read my blog-roll, sometimes less, oftentimes MORE. Depending on how many linkies I chase...

  3. I am an HGTV addict too.... and I only rent. I have no personal in house style so I am still searching for some. I am sill very confused by style. I have never lived any where long, and so I don't understand when people personalize a home. I like watching it to try and figure out what I should do.

  4. I too am an hgtv addict. And I live on base. But eventually we will own our own home. And I will be prepared! I need to get all my HGTV and other home improvement chows in now before my husband gets home and knows the truth about how badly I am addicted!

  5. i love me some hgtv but I really love... the food network. so think about it on the positive side hgtv wont make you gain weight!

  6. Well I am glad to see I am in good company,

    Buck, I use my computer while watching HGTV, but it is this bad.

    See I can't sleep with my husband right now because I literally will do damage to him in bed....I can not get comfortable with someone else in bed with me. My stupid leg causes me so much discomfort at times that I can't get in one position that I will not just get so frustrated that I get angry.....so our living room sofa, which is really comfortable, when you remove the cushions from the back is the size of a twin bed, so I have been sleeping out there, thus obsorbing HGTV via osmosis since it is on 24/7.

    I think my kids have gotten to coming in and sitting with me and giving their opinions on things. But now, I yell at the people because they make bad choices about houses....about what designer they should have chosen.....I'm now officially in need of therapy...I realized this yesterday when I told the woman on the show that she was ruining her colonial home, if she was such a contemporary person, she should never have purchased a traditional colonal home, I then called her an idiot......I then looked at myself in the mirror, while getting dressed and realized it had all gone too far.....



  7. Yeah I am an HGTV addict. That and Food Network. I love that food network has the online recipe box. This week I have made a bunch of freezable eat it later type foods. And I do also dislike rachel ray. I'm more a Giada and Paula Deen fan.

  8. You know I'm not a Rachel Ray fan to watch but I like her cookbooks (like I have ventured into that room lately) but it only took one meal at Paula Deen's Restaurant before my husband deployed to turn me off her forever....I'm not a southern food fan, but when I got home I was deathly ill.....not from food poisoning, but because I can not eat food with that much grease and heavy cream.....maybe you have to be born with it....I like her deserts and have made them, but for what we shelled out for lunch (we forwent the buffet, it looked dried out) and ordered from the menu, I expected a whole, WHOLE lot more, I think it's just talked up because of who she is, not of what the food is there.....my opinion, you get to Savannah, skip it and eat down on the River Front, there are awesome places down there!

  9. I like the competitions on the food network, like the cake ones or the pastry ones etc etc. I dislike Paula Dean, watching her show makes me gain weight I think. Rachel Ray is okay, but she is not who I watch. I watch those shows and they talk about how to make food yummy, then you see them add olive oil and cream and wine.... umm well of course it would taste good! I can't eat like that everyday though...

  10. They get to the wine part and I just drink it, forgo the recipe and end up drunk.....lol.

    No really I add the wine but I do get a glass for me too, I mean if a recipe calls for wine, then the cook must sample it as well...otherwise, she will not know how good the wine was :D


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