And so......I feel like I'm on an episode of HGTV House Hunters

We narrowed it down to three houses......two that were functionally correct for our family, right size, right number of bedrooms, etc......and one that I fell in love with but it was one bedroom short but you know sometimes you just have to sacrifice for perfect......

And so after many more homes we looked at, we made an offer on one of the functionally correct homes.....we made the offer almost 10 percent lower then the asking price and where we are there are things they are bound by law to have to pay due to our opting to use our VA again. I was not aware that if you put more then 10% down your VA funding fee drops significantly.....and if you are retired and have over a 30% disability you don't have to pay it at all.....just some FYI.

So our realtor took the contract over a little while ago....the couple is military and they are doing the same thing we are, out of town at their gaining installation looking for a new home, so it's being done via phone.....and that kind of worries me a tad bit, but I hope they atleast will counter and we can come up with a negotiated compromise. I really love the house and hope that this works out, otherwise we start over with the next house, which is my least favorite and I'm not so sure he'd consider our offer.....and the one that is not made for a family with three kids....well, I may love it, but my older daughter may hate me before it's over.....

So keeping my fingers crossed because I am beat. I have looked at so many homes, my exercise limit has been exceeded but I am holding up well.....so well I think I am going to see about driving my car instead of shipping it.....I think I can do it.....it think I can.


  1. I'm sorry things are so stressful. I hate when you can't plan things the way you'd like to. How is your foot feeling? Any improvements?

  2. Actually I am seeing some improvement, which just means that the feeling is coming back and now it just hurts from old age, can't win for trying... :D

    I will take the later any day, atleast I know what that feels like.... Still waiting to hear from the Realtor. Ugh, I hate the wait, but I fell asleep all afternoon so, it was not much of a wait for me :D

  3. rooting for you!( I am so tired, is that how you spell rooting? it looks wrong....)

  4. I think you have it right Jenna....we are now in negotiations, thus why I can not sleep at 3:30am.....

    Ugh....this is killing me!

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better. Thats always good news!

  6. Good for you. You know things work out the way they're supposed to. (At least that's what I keep telling myself.)

    Hang in there and rest while you can. It sounds like you'll be busy for a while...


  7. I'll add my positive hopes and thoughts for ya, too. The fact your sellers are military is a good thing, methinks!

  8. I hope you get the house, we took three years of house hunting (obviously we were not in a hurry...lol). Just plant some pretty flowers and it'll feel like home :)


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