Welp, what do you say about that?

So while I was at the doctor's being told how lucky I was to be alive, my 15 year old who has (or I should say HAD) the most beautiful long hair in the world was getting a hair cut at the PX. I was quite proud of her actually.

See she is the quiet one, her older sister is like a one teen tornado, she walks in the room and sucks the air out of it. She is outgoing, in the honors program, she was in the band, but SHE WAS NO BAND GEEK, she has huge blue eyes, that look to her that has all the guys chasing her and she just laughs them off, she doesn't want a boyfriend because as soon as she captures their interest, her interest fades FAST like icicle in the oven FAST.........so back to my younger daughter, she has very striking features, very brilliant green eyes, she is not meek but she does stand in her sister's shadow.........what younger sister doesn't, I did, until I grew into myself........

Anyway, so she called and made the appointment, she did ask her sister to walk with her over there (we live really close to it) Now I saw the photo of what she wanted, but you know, I figured she would bale in the end and just have her hair layered like she usually did......

NOPE, her hair is gone......not gone like 3 inches long gone, but up to her shoulders then razor layered gone........I sat there and watched 10 years of her life fly by me and I almost cried, but if I cried then I knew she would, so I held it together........and so instead I told her a story of when I was in 8th grade I cut my hair off and got a perm and tried to style it myself and I looked like I belonged, well I had an afro, she understood this concept, I'm not sure if she would have understood Soul Train. We laughed as I told her I had to ask my sister for some help as she told me I needed to use a round brush and a curling iron......a curling WHAT? Yeah I'd never used one of those, but a few burned fingers and marks on my neck and head later I had it down.....crisis overted.

Then my daughter says, are you going to highlighted tonight, Um.....yeah, I did say I'd do that huh? So I had highlight my older daughter's hair many times using the pull through the cap proceedure (I sound so surgeon like) But my younger daughter's hair is darker then her sister's, whose hair only takes like 8 minutes to process, but my younger daughter's hair took 35 minutes, I was kind of worried, but as we rinsed, then washed and conditioned that worry lifted and she wrapped her hair (what was left of it :( ) and ran off to blow dry it to see the results.

The Results..........yeah that was when she came back out and we all sat there with absolutely nothing to say.......because the other 5 years that were left of her life, that was when they flashed by me without a sound, it was like a quiet passing of my daughter's last years of childhood into becoming a young woman with likes and dislikes and choices of what she wanted.......see I fought her cutting her hair for the last year, I kept telling her she would regret it, but I think it was about me holding on to my little girl, the last time she had short hair, she was 3, now she has the will and want to change her look, I had to go hug her and tell her how great she looked, she was so beautiful and then I excused myself with some lame excuse because I had to go cry.......she was no longer a child......


  1. Whew! That made me cry. My little girls are 6 and 3 and... I can't even imagine the realization that you just had. Whew....

  2. Letting go IS hard. But more so for Moms than Dads, methinks.

    Nice post, ASW.

  3. The growing up and becoming our own person is just as hard on us young'uns' end ... it just takes a little longer to hit us than it does you. Usually.

    Thanks for your encouraging comment btw. Made me feel a lot better about the whole thing.

  4. Hey there ASW. Thanks for all your comments. Glad to see everything is going well. Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

  5. T- every time I look at her I still can't imagine it's her I have yet to wrap my mind around it.

    Buck- My husband was the one that kept telling me to let her cut it, he confessed to me that he was wrong, he should have listened to me, he wants her hair back....I think he realized the same thing, his little girl is not little anymore, pulled at his heart strings a tad bit too hard as well.

    Tom- Sometimes parents have a different way of showing that they love you, we pull while you pull and when you push we don't understand....I think you get it. As far as the encouragement goes, I'm always here for that, I remember being a 20yr young bride and not understanding my feelings over war and the Army and exactly where I fit in. :D

    When in Rome - I loved that Group by the way.....I enjoy your blog and I'm glad you stopped by.

  6. That is so sweet. I, too, have an oldest outgoing coolio dd and a quiet shy 2nd dd (with green eyes) (i have a couple more, kids, too.) Luckily #2 is just 10, so I still have total control over her hair (insert evil laughter)


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