Packing ...... do I have any volunteers?

I loathe packing. For years I packed for everyone in my household no matter where we went and no matter how long we'd be gone. The worst packing job I had to do was for my children and myself to go stay at my mother in law's for a couple months while my husband took a course TDY in route to Europe in which we DID not have concurrent travel.....which meant we signed out of housing and he came and spent Thanksgiving with us, went to his class, which lasted for a month, came back and spent Christmas with us and flew out right after New Years to Germany......

So I had packed for all four of us for about 4 months, as it would turn out we would meet him in Germany 3 weeks later, but I had packed the things you can't let the movers pack and kept them with me, so by the time I boarded our first of two flights to get to Frankfurt, I had eight checked bags, 4 carry-ons, a car seat, an 11yr old, a 9 yr old, a 3 yr old and a cat. I thought I was in hell and we almost missed our connecting flight.......I never wanted to pack or fly again!!!!

And so I began to pack tonight for our trip......I didn't get very far.......but I did manage to pack my makeup and the stuff to do my hair......and that IS an accomplishment.....I have leftover 80's hair.....not in that it's MALL hair, but I do tease it, and I have my ONE special comb I have to use....and I use only one special hairspray and one special brush......if I were to forget these things, my husband would be one very unhappy man while we are traveling. I highlighted my hair today and now I need to get the empty containers that are travel sized for my shampoo and conditioner so my hair does not make me look like I'm a close relative of Phyllis Diller.

My husband brought up the packing thing tonight......I asked him if he was packing for himself, he said he was, he was packing two uniforms and 5 pair of underwear....... that is my official signal from him that if I don't want him looking the way my 9 year old does when he dresses himself, I'd better get his civilian clothing out and packed......why is it that my husband was handsomely dressed up until his 29th birthday at which time he and I married and since then, if I don't dress him, he consistently walks around in jeans, often torn, a Harley Davidson T-Shirt, boots and a cowboy hat? I mean I get the whole, you have the bike you wear the attire, you look the part, but sheesh, it's not like I have not bought you a ton of clothing that does not read H.D. from every town we have ever lived in.......although he does look rather sexy, sometimes I do like him to sport a pair of khakis, a nice polo and his docksiders.......is that too much to ask? Not if I'm the one packing it I guess.

Anywho.......I have to pack for a week. For me that requires a lot of clothes, I mean I never know what kind of mood I am going to be in when I get up, so how come I have to be penalized on what I wear because my choices either don't fit in one bag or it's too heavy, that is just totally unfair to me! Not to mention the weather is ENTIRELY different there and who knows what it will be like....I mean the weather says one thing here and hey you go outside and guess what? It is nothing like what the weather is reading, so how am I supposed to trust weather.com? So in the great big world of everything, is it really that big of a deal if I pack two bags? Come to think of it for some reason I think they changed the weight allowance since I last flew too......that was when I came home from Europe 4 years ago.....I should probably check that, it used to be 70 pounds, but for some reason I think it's 50 now..... that in and of itself is a good reason to pack 2 :D

Ugh......I dread flying (which I hate), packing, GOING......I just don't think the week will be very real estate productive, although.......I did find a beautiful home (had only a picture of the outside of it) for us to look at, but then we run the chance of someone putting in a contract before we arrive to look at it.........UGH, did I mention I hate moving, I hate being forced to have to live off post because they have NOT built the housing yet to offset what they lost when their contract was up!!!!! GRRRRRRR!


  1. The weight limit is 50#, I think that for international travel you get more. But I believe that quite a few airlines are going to 1 checked bag per passenger, so you might want to look into that before you pack your whole wardrobe!:)

  2. lol, I already got slammed by my husband on the, YOU ARE NOT PACKING FOR THE DURATION...you get one bag and you better weigh it! :D

    I'm good, I will go do laundry if I have to...plus it's hot where we are going which means less material, more skin....

  3. and what you don't know is that she needs at least one bag for her hair care and head band alone... Hey while your gone, is it ok if I borrow your coffee maker, the one on the counter, not the one in the garage.............GGG


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