A House A House.........I think we bought a house

OMG...........I have never in my life thought that I would buy a house that cost as much as a medical degree....but alas I find myself on the edge of insanity in the middle of signing 17 different documents and saw visions of never being able to afford to go out to eat again......we are finally under contract.

We actually bought a beautiful house for a great price, our realtor believes it will come in at appraisal for quite a bit more then what we bought it for......there are some aesthetics that need addressing but who's house doesn't......this house is huge and I think that my family will be happy....I will be once I can make it more mine......and change some things....

We are set to close in a few weeks, which we will not be present for, and I hope nothing strange comes up because of that.

Anyway, trying to de-stress and just breathe a little easier.....I have done our laundry and I have packed my bags.....we fly tomorrow and I'm so ready to go home, but dreading the flights.....

Did I mention I hate flying?


  1. Congrats, ASW! And spoken like a True Woman... when you said:

    I will be once I can make it more mine......and change some things....

    Brings back memories, that does! ;-)

  2. :: sending good thoughts your way::

  3. Congrats on finding a house!


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