Thanks from unsuspecting places...

I just went and got my mail from my mail box and in it was something from my doctor. The one that has been working on my injury from my surgery. I first have to say that he relocated from another state just this past fall to our area, well he is about 45 minutes from here and had to start from scratch on clientele. He has a massage therapist that works there who does deep tissue massage (gotta get me one of those before I leave, I hear she is great) and he has a personal trainer that works there ......they are very Christian which I totally love about them. His wife works there and I really love here and a great lady who is suffering from a condition not too unlike part of my back issue.......okay, so they up and move from the cold to the warm south and they start all over new practice, new house, new schools, new friends, SOUND FAMILIAR?

So how did I come to find this great doctor and his staff? Welp it was all by a series of very fortunate events.....I have a very close friend who is a chiropractor at Fort Campbell who told me about a treatment he does on soldiers there........so I looked it up where I live and low and behold there was exactly ONE in our area, the rest were out of town........... this wonderful treatment, that is non invasive, now I'm not saying it does not hurt, I have cried at times, but that means he's getting to the root of the problem.....it's good if I cry (go figure on that one)

So this treatment, which by the way has been around for a long time, very few medical doctors even know about it, much less would bother to do the research on it. The "Real Doctors" out there would have had me back in surgery operating on my leg. Tricare does not cover this treatment because he is a Chiropractor, but what he was doing is a special tissue manipulation to release nerve entrapments.....kind of like if you pinch a nerve in your back, or if you impinge a nerve in shoulder, first thing THEY (med docs) would do is whip out the drugs and very long needles, but this treatment called Active Release Technique (ART), can be done without the use of expensive drugs and miserable side effects of steroids. The kicker is Physical Therapists are also trained to do this and then Tricare would be more then happy to pay for it......how flipping twistedly turned around is that.....I hate Tricare and their assbackwards ways of doing things....so I am out about $1,000.00 because of my NEUROSURGEON and his team of merrymen did not take better care of me during my FIRST surgery....okay rant over......

So anyway making my way back to my point.....this Doctor, his wife and the others that work there are like the salt of the earth, not that they are like overly religious or anything, you can talk to them about anything and I have, after about 20 sessions and the fact that I am back to walking, I can wear some shoes, even my fancy flip flops (whole other post there) and I am cutting back on my nerve blocking medication.......fully speaks for their dedication......and the fact that my Neurosurgeon said it could take a year or longer to see results.......Yeah blow it out your ear.......

So now that you have sat through this long ass post, back to my mail, I open the envelope and it's a thank you card....kind of perplexed over the whole Thank You thing, I open the card and it says,

"First and foremost I just wanted to thank both of you for true sacrifice that you have endured to ensure the safety of my family. I can only imagine how difficult it has been."................."I also wanted to thank you for allowing me to work on you. Your trust is the highest compliment you could ever give me. I hope I was able to help with your recovery! Only Good things ahead!!!!!"

The first part of his letter brought tears to my eyes.....he and his wife are very special people, the kind God puts in your path for a reason......I'd have never had any reason for meeting them other then this injury.....so I go with God's plan and I was very humbled by the fact that he said he hoped he had helped with my recovery, he is my recovery......yes my Neurosurgeon fixed my back problem, with a long recovery behind it, but he walked away from the other issues I suffered, when faced with the problem I was the one that found the answers, did the research, found the Doctor who would become my friend, because in the end isn't that what friends do, they say "THANKS" I should be the one thanking him...........


  1. Awww! What a blessing! So happy to hear that you are recovering well. Still sending prayers your way anyway! :)

  2. Very nice card. Brought tears to my eyes too.

    I'm very glad you were able to find someone to help you get some relief.


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