Happy Mothers Day.....

Mother's Day brought in a wonderful new addition to our family. My niece had her baby this morning weighing in at 6lbs 8oz. Making my mother-in-law a great grandmother and my husband a great uncle and I guess me a great aunt. This has been a very hard pregnancy for her, having been in labor since her forth month and having had other issues throughout, we all feel very blessed to have this small miracle in our lives today.

Another welcome was the sound of sirens and off and on tornado warnings all morning. Nothing like the blaring sounds of the emergency broadcasting service across the installation accompanied by those sirens. My husband commented to me that they give off more of a "boy who cried wolf" syndrome because they use them when nothing happens and I agree with him. I think more and more people just blow it off.....the weather service errs on the side of caution and throws out the warnings and watches because of the conditions and while we heed them, having a room set up for our family should anything happen, I think most people don't really pay attention to it......sad, because when and if something happens, it will be bad.

And so as the afternoon rolls along, I am spending it with my family getting ready for another set of storms to move in, once again with the ever impending threat of tornatic activity. You know, I'd say I was happy to be leaving an area where tornado's happen, but where we are going, they are just as prevalent.

So Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers out there! Motherhood is the greatest experience and accomplishment of my life.

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