and so it begins........

The mandatory going through everything we own and determining "do we really need to haul that shit around with us one more time?" The resounding answer on our ski equipment, which has not seen the slopes since the late 90's, maybe early 2000's is a definite NO. When you can't figure out which box of ski boots goes with which set of skis and the bindings are, well.......I would not wear them, but I'm not cleared to ski for a couple years yet....so no sweat off my back....plus the only skis we are going to need are the kind you drag behind a BOAT!

And so I spent my day today with my children and my husband sorting through years of stuff.....my husband calls it junk because he'd just assume make the cash at our yard sale.....(we did one in El Paso and made over $1200.00) but that only happened because I got rid of a bunch of german furniture, don't plan on that this time Smokey!

So our trip home was good, a nice gentleman came up to my husband and thanked him for his service (my husband was on official orders so he traveled in uniform) and then he paid for our dinner at the airport.......it was our second change of planes so we had some time to sit down......now here's were it gets really emotional for me.....first we had to change airlines from American to Delta......we were in the WAY back of the aircraft....the steward came back and said that they thought they may have 4 seats in business class available and if so they were going to move us up, not just because I was in a back brace for travel, but because of my husband's service.......well unfortunately it did not turn out that way, but just before they closed the door, he came back and told me that at woman in business class wanted to give her seat to me.....I did not understand why and I argued no, but my husband forced the point.......so when I saw her, I thanked her and she said that when she flies she always flies first or business class and if a soldier is on board she gives him/her her seat, but since I was flying with him, she gave it to me.......I thanked her immensely and went and sat down for our last flight which was about an hour and a half. It turns out that her son is a Captain in Iraq, my husband spoke to her during the flight.........so we debark at our destination and we are waiting for my husband's bag and yep it's missing........stuck in Atlanta......I hate that it was stuck there, but I am glad it wasn't mine, I mean, everything I own was in that bag.......it arrived today at about 4pm........and the guy was all confused, he could not figure out how to get on base.......figures.

Anyway, we are so ready to move to our new home......but I am so beat I'm lucky I'm able to type this at all and have it make sense. Good thing blogger has spell check, otherwise, this might not make any sense at all......



  1. That lady who flies biz/first and gives up her seat to the troops is just WAY-cool. I'm glad you were the beneficiary of her kindness this time, tho, ASW.

    And congrats on a successful trip!

  2. I can relate to the purging of stuff! I have a list of areas in the house that need a good brush through (it's my way of at least controlling the move when hubs gets home... in like 9 months) I cleaned my closet and STILL have a giganto box of old clothes, shoes, purses, etc sitting in my living room. I usually donate but the now I'd like to get some $$. I've been calling consignment shops and all they want to do is take donations to sell. *rolling eyes* So no garage sale this time? I guess you guys aren't very far out from Moving Day.

  3. I totally agree with you Buck, she was a really nice lady and in my book, she rates #1!

    WIR~ my husband said I need to go through my CLOSETs (note the plural on that, but the thing is, I already did.....my clothes are all new, having lost a ton of weight last year, they um.....are not going in a garage sale...his response was you can not possibly wear it all....today he asked if I was going to remove the tag from the back of my skirt...oops....
    And yep we are getting super close....like about a month out....gave notice to housing, who ironically told us how much it was to have them clean the house.....funny, it cost them upwards of 75k to remediate (clean up the environmental mess that it was) and almost 25k to clean all our clothing and textiles.....and now they want me to pay to clear....gotta say, they got balls!


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