When do you stop worrying?

Our oldest is out with friends tonight....it's her farewell party.

Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be able to try to let go and not worry so much about my child who is pushing her way closer and closer to 18, but I can't. I am worried about her. While she is funny and beautiful and beyond smart, she also trusts everyone. She has this great network of friends that range in age from 16 to 19, sophomores to graduating seniors, placing her in the middle. They are all going to miss one another a lot.....but when I sit here and know that they are all out together, I worry.

My husband tells me to leave her alone, let her have fun. But I just had to text message her and make sure they found the restaurant they had planned to go to. It is kind of confusing to get there, but she and I are cool about my making sure she is okay. She always texts me to make sure we know she is okay, so alright, this time Mom initiated the text because I was worried, and wanted to make sure she was fine.....AND I am sure I will do it again before the night is over, because the mom in MOMMY just can't know that her baby is out with friends without worrying over her......am I just being too overprotective?

I wonder, did my mother feel the same way? I had my own car and was gone all the time, did she just get so used to it that it did not phase her, or was it just a different era?

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  1. I wonder, did my mother feel the same way?

    I'd say yes. Times change, Moms remain the same. Letting go is hard, but ya gotta do it.

    And while we're on the subject: Happy Mothers Day, ASW!


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