Okay, now I'm no fashion diva.....

But I gotta tell ya, that these two are in competition for the stupid hat contest. I don't wear hats per say, but hats are meant to cover your head, neither of which these do.....I'm not sure how either one stays on their head but I think Princess Beatrice would edge out Sarah Jessica Parker by just a smidge for the fact that at least SJP's looked good with her dress for the Sex and the City Movie Premier, PB's hat and dress did not look appropriate at all for the family's Royal wedding she attended......either way, they both need to ask someone, SJP should ask Ferris Bueller if this hat makes me look fat before she leaves the house, and PB should ask her mother Fergie or who ever it is in her life if she at least looks appropriate for the event prior to having pictures taken that are spread all over the press.


  1. Both hats are glorious in their butterflyness. But I am not sure that PB's goes well with a jacket.

  2. Only a Butterfly wife would love these hats......they in and of themselves are works of art, but they belong on display and when I mean on display, I do not mean on their heads.

    I guess I am just not a hat person in any capacity, but the whole Dr. Seuss thing about SJP's hat just kills me and I am wondering just how many people it took to keep PB's hat on her head and how many people behind her were blocked from seeing the ceremony!

    But as far as the butterflyness of them, I guess they do have a certain nature beauty to them....when thinking in butterflymindfulness.......NOW there is a word :D

  3. uhm...... ok, another not so fashion diva here... BUT man! Those hurt the eyes to look at...

  4. Only the wealthy can get away with wearing the bizarre! I think that they are both horrible looking! Of course I have an affinity for Khaki, and I own it. At least my stuff is cheap and never goes out of style (it was never in vogue to begin with!)


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