2 out of 4

So the lost items list goes up one and down by two.....

I realized this morning that I am missing my favorite pair of Brighton sunglasses......I have lost a pair of these already thanks to the Atlantic Ocean and a wave plus my stupidity of wearing them in to begin with....so I replaced them last fall....and they too are now missing. Last known where abouts was last week, I wore them, took them off and have no idea where that was........

So add those to the list of ......I can't find.

But......on the good side, I found my cd-r discs....and....MY CELL PHONE.

So thank you St. Anthony, patron saint of lost items (and souls) my soul is in tact as is my faith...but I really could use some help in finding the keys to my car!!!!

I guess that will take a bit more looking and hoping and praying.....and lighting of more candles......I better go make a phone call.

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