Has the world lost it's mind and I'm just slow on the Uptake?

I have had the worst week. I feel like I have walked into the twilight zone.

I had this bizarro person in my life pull stunt of a life time over the weekend, after having another one in my past pull one last month.....I won't touch either of them, not worth the time or energy to type about it much less even devote time to thinking of them.

Then we move onto my friend who well....read my last post.....that left me wondering about the world tilting on it's axis......and then today I had a Medical Company call me and argue that I mail ordered prescriptions from them and my credit card company rejected the charge.....I sat here and laughed. The woman got angry at me because I was laughing at her.....I wasn't laughing at her, I was just laughing, because I wanted to cry.

After I composed myself, I asked her who she wanted to talk to since she never asked me my name and when she gave me the name I explained to her she had the wrong number and she no I don't......I tried to make her understand that I was not the person she wanted to talk to.....she was determined I was Mrs. ******. I then asked her what number she was dialing, she gave me the right number, however, she dialed the wrong area code. She acted like it was my fault that I was in the wrong state, then hung up on me.

I held the phone in my hand and just sat there..... I knew I should not have answered that UNKNOWN NUMBER. I could hear my husband in the background telling me, "that is what caller ID is for". But it could have been him......today I should have taken the risk that it could have been and not answered it. But then what would I have to write about?


  1. I have caller ID too. And I answer those unknown numbers because it could be someone to call and tell me that Jack Bauer has been injured or something. Luckily, those calls are few and far, very far, between.

  2. Oh, BW I know that is hard, but try not to think that way.

    That is one of the reasons I am on the Do Not Call registry, phone number unlisted, unpublished and does not come up on caller ID, it also a blocked number, so often I have to unblock it so that it will go through to others who have theirs that way too.....so when I get bizarre calls, they are from some REALLY SUPER bizarre people. I have started to keep track of them. I got one last deployment that wasn't so much bizarre, but it was from a soldier who's wires were crossed coming out of theater and I got him on the line....he was trying to get in touch with his girlfriend. He gave me the number and I called her to tell her that he loved her because the weather was so bad there that he had been trying for so long and I was the first time he'd actually gotten through. God Bless him where ever he is now.....she just cried when I talked to her.....

    My husband has gotten people in various states and Brittish Columbia when trying to call home....crazy communications....when he gets a voice mail or answering machine, he leaves his first name and that is his a soldier currently deployed just trying to call home to his wife and kids and asks them to say a prayer for the troops in harms way and thanks them for their support.....

    I hope and pray YOU NEVER receive that dreaded call.....how are you by the way?


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