Kung Fu ~ web cam

My husband and I had a web cam thingy yesterday....what do you call it, call, session, something along those lines, right? Anyway, the call through Yahoo was really off from the webcam. It usually isn't so bad, but yesterday, like our phone calls of late, there was a really bad delay. I had actually gotten up and left the room to give something to one of my children in the hall and he said it was as if I'd never left, until I finally got up and was gone, yet I was still talking to him....so I guess it was a picture delay not voice. This continued as the children spoke to him as well, my photo, their voice, then another child on the line, different child on camera.....so my son shows him some moves he's been working on (not sure what they were, at his age, anything is possible) and they too were accompained by the narration of my daughter talking about school.

Nonetheless, I said to him that it was like a bad Kung Fu movie, where the actors are moving and talking, but none of it matches the words they are saying. He agreed but said that I was much cuter then they were. Aww, what a nice thing for him to say. I thought later that I was glad I was cuter then they are, I'm much taller and have better hair. :D

I sure like the webcam thingy, even if its uncooperative at times, just closes the distance for us all a little bit more......Yay for technology!


  1. I sure hope we can do a webcam session sometime soon. My daughter asked me today when we were going to be able to do that with Daddy (they show it in the Elmo video where Elmo's dad goes away for a long time)

  2. I hope you can too, it really has made the difference these last few months. My husband does not have internet because of logistics, he has someone there that lets him borrow theirs for about an hour a week to do it.....just someone doing something nice for us....


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