I have lost my cell phone...which was proceeded by losing my keys before our trip in July. I still have not found them. This weekend we clean house....not just because it, like needs it, but because these are two things I need to find. (although finding my cell phone before then would be nice, it is apparently either on vibrate or dead)

I wish I could get my thoughts together tonight to actually put together something that resembles intelligence, but I spent 5 hours doing research for a spouse who lost her husband a couple weeks ago and it has left me drained and angry. I will elaborate more when the issue is resolved, hopefully it will be resolved in the manner in which it will never be an issue again.....if not I believe it will spark a firestorm of which I've never taken on before.....but cart before horse....lets see how it plays out for now.

So it's way past my bedtime and if I don't make my way to bed I may crash on the floor, and that never works out well in the morning. And so I bid the night Adieu.

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