If I were Catholic, which I'm not......

Sorry Jane : )

I would be praying to St. Anthony, patron saint of Lost Things.....for now in addition to my keys and cell phone, I can not locate my discs. How do you lose a case of 100 cd-r's? I had them last night! So now I am just looking through my house for nothing, because if I were looking for something, I would not actually find it, so if I just go through my house and search for nothing in particular, I may find it all.....or at least one can hope, right? Its gonna be a long day.


Lost things thief is on expert mode today....I found NOTHING! Ugh! My catholic friend lit a candle for me and said a prayer to St. Tony that I may find my lost things....I told her to add my sanity to the list.......


  1. Too funny, I just read your comment on my post and I wrote LOL, that you need to write a post about your lost item list... I'm sorry you are having one of those days...


  2. I always look in:

    1. the freezer
    2. under the sofa
    3. the trash

    happy hunting!

    or, go buy new ones and then you will for sure find what you are looking for. Just don't lose the receipt so you can return them.


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