The days just seem to run on and on....

I think I am the point where I don't even know what day it is. I used to be organized. Scheduled. I had calendars that were prepared and posted so that I could make sure I did not forget things. I had a dayplanner that was equally organized. I carried a calendar in my purse and it too was sychronized to the other ones. I had one for the following month as well so I could plan that out. Kids schedules were on there, notes for the things I needed to do too......

But then......something happened. I am not sure of the exact date of when it all took its dreadful turn for the worse, but it would be about the time my mother came to visit. She is retired, so not really on a schedule, so mine was sort of a hassle to her....I did my best to reschedule things for the 4 weeks or so that she was here. And in doing so it caused some issues for me, I had to miss some meetings and it did back me up. With the children headed to the end of the school year, their functions also caused some rifts, but nothing huge, or that I could not handle......that was over 4 months ago.....and slowly it has gotten to be where we are today......CHAOS. (FLYLADY defintion CHAOS= Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) Yep that would be ME AND MY HOUSE!!!!!!

So I know I have to sort out my Chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome) before my husband gets home for R&R. And it is proving to be a bit more exhausting then I thought, because, well, I just don't feel like doing it. You know I have good intentions the night before...but the reality of it the next day is sucky. For the first time in my life, I am unorganized and I don't know how to dig myself out of it. I think I need a backhoe!

I went onto the Flylady's website and within the first 2 minutes of looking at it, it had me running for the Ben & Jerry's (I also don't like Ice Cream by the way).

So tomorrow the Fly Chick and I have a meeting, well, let me rephrase that, I have a scheduled a block of my time (away from the CHAOS) to read up on her approach, to try to take some steps to get out of my mess, she on the other hand will sit on her chubbly little bum and laugh at me....... I have fought her for a couple of years, refused in fact to read her site, knowing that I needed none of her help....she is a rather overweight little fairy thing.....but, alas she has wore me down {hangs head in shame} and I am going to give her a chance.....what can it hurt? {thinks for a moment, light bulb goes off!!!} I'll tell you what it will hurt, I could turn into one of those Preaching women (I actually know some of these women, and it may not be about FLYLADY.....replace that word with anything they want to preach about) you hear them all the time, you know the ones that say"OH, you should seriously try FLYLADY, she changed my life" or the "you just don't know what a difference it will make in your life and your family's"......UH!!!!!! If I start posting about this please VIRTUALLY SLAP ME!!!!!

But honestly I really don't know how anyone can live in unorganized chaos. I can do Organized Chaos....having kids means having Chaos......to some degree at least, but this unorganized, I can't find anything, this "does anyone know where MY KEYS are?" kind of CHAOS, is seriously pushing me to towards hiring someone to come in and do it for me (I am so pathetic)....that or beg my sister to come to my rescue. She is the QUEEN of Organization.......hm.....there is a thought.....maybe I should shoot her the link to my blog, this post in particular.......Well.....okay so maybe not.....I don't think I want anyone in my family to know EXACTLY how unorganized I really am... (or that I can't find my keys after 8 weeks)

Either way, I must clean this house and get it reorgnized, so FLYLADY or not......I will do it, if only to find MY KEYS!!!!! Oh and so I CAN have someone over .....which would be CHSO {ends post with puzzled look on face}


  1. Today I had a moment where I just couldn't take the chaos anymore, but I organized somewhat and it helped. I have yet to read the flylady, same reasons you have. I'm afraid it may be a cult :) I just keep thinking, "OK, next week, when work slows down, I'll get organized" but it hasn't happened for months now. I wish you luck in your organizing adventure.
    seriously...have you looked in the freezer for your keys?

  2. A soldier's wife..... said...

    I'm sitting here laughing about the key thing because I did look in the freezer....no luck.

    I don't lose things like that. Misplace yes, maybe for a few days, but lose, NO!

    I did get my room clean, but now my bathroom looks like a tsunami went through and recessed back out to sea leaving it's wake behind.....I guess that is next....and then the rest of the house, they will turn up, I just hope its before I have to hear my husband slip into Ricky Recardo mode and says "Lucy, you have some splan'in to do!"

  3. Good luck get as much done as possible before leave. While I am sure my husband would enjoy to come home to a perfectly spick and span house, he would wonder what happened to the woman he married. A wee bit of chaos is much more likely to make my husband feel "at home."

    My only recommendation is to enlist help if you can.


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