It must be a set up.....

I had a meeting today....actually my daughters and I had a meeting today.....for something we are doing together....and it was near the mall....

See I hate the Mall, actually I hate shopping.....so deductive reasoning would also make me hate the Mall.....I cringe when I walk through the door of any mall......I'm okay with a store because there is a reason for that particular store, even if it is a department store.....there is an end to it. In the MALL....there is no end to it....it's like the more you walk through it, the more the stores multiply.

I made a reference to this in the meme post about the 7 things about me, found here ....... it all began after I moved back from Europe. Shopping there is so much different and even though when we first moved there it was a bit of a culture shock, I eventually came to love small town feel, the open markets and quaint shoppes.....and now when I go into the MALL I feel overwhelmed, as if, if I don't hurry up and get it over with, I will never escape the mall maze.

So okay, I know its a little drastic, just list it up there in the certifiable category, but I really dislike the mall......then you add in two teens who love to shop, well you might as well add the men with the little white jackets to your speed dial and call them on my way out of town. After about 3 hours I have been ready to go home for A WHILE!!!! So of course we are all tired and I look at my oldest and just as I start to ask her to drive, she stifles a yawn....so much for that idea....we climb in and in no time flat THEY are asleep......so I am left alone with the radio.....but at least I get to control it....one upside!

In the end I truly do think I was set up, this is how it went down......"Hey, mom our meeting is out by the mall....so can we, like take back my shirt?"......turns into shopping trip.....we leave and my two teenage girls who were hopping and bopping to the satellite radio on the way to the mall have all of a sudden suffered a severe onset of temporary narcolepsy.... and why exactly am I not surprised?


  1. Right there with you on the mall hatred...Just too many people, no parking...neverending. If I need to go, I run in/out soooo quickly. 3 hours! how did you survive!

  2. triplee,

    I just kept reminding myself that I won't have to go back for a few months...it will have to tide them over....I will mark it on the calendar and it will take time for them to wear me down again...I also read the post to my oldest daughter last night and she giggled over the driving part....and said, well mom, you did want to make it home alive right? I reminded her of why she is not driving around yet!


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