Lemons.....I guess it's better then rocks =)

I think I will take the lemons! So Lemon Stand threw a lemon at She Who Waits

who in return tagged me with 6 others to reveal 7 things about ourselves that most people don't know....hm......how revealing do I want to be???????So lets see......

1. I hate the sound of my voice on videos.....and voice mail...if I can get someone else to record my messages for me, I will.

2. I am an introvert.....but I also tend to raise my voice a lot....I guess that is because I come from a long line of loud, yelling people, kind of contradictory.

3. One day about 8 years ago I decided everything I owned (house wise) was in keeping with how I was raised (very don't sit on this, don't touch that.....) and so I made a drastic change and it now reflects who I really am.

4. I love lip gloss, the more the better.....I have tons of it....and will never pass up an isle in a store to buy another one.

5. I only burn fall scented candles....pumpkin is my favorite......

6. I used to sing in a band. I'm guess to other's my voice wasn't too bad.....I now sing in the car with my kids.... (we just don't record it)

7. I hate to shop......despise it.....it is the bane of my existence. My daughters mention MALL and I come up with 20 other things we could do to avoid it. Online shopping is my favorite way....and before that it was via a catalog.

So here are five I'd like to know more about...... :)

1. Can I Borrow Your Life?
2. Non-Essential Equipment
3. Oh That's Gonna Leave a Mark
4. Knee Deep in the Hooah
5. The Life and Times of a Butterfly Wife


  1. ok ASW what have you gotten me into.. I got this from Triplee also...

    I bet you have a beautiful voice.

    Hate to shop, WHAT.. maybe you haven't found the right shopping buddy...

  2. Oh, come on Shelly, you can do it...I could have come up with more about me....so you can do this...you are an interesting woman....I'm like a fly drawn to the flame.....okay now I sound like a stalker! :D

    I get overwhelmed when I shop....something about it. I worked retail off and on...managed in fact, had no issues...but after living in Europe and being away
    from malls....something happened when I was away...and now I'm all stressed when I go...maybe its the total when my daughters drag me from AE to Hollister to Ambercrombie and I walk out having spent several hundreds of dollars on clothes they can't possibly have needed.....I think they know how stressed I am....and take advantage of me.....so I just can't do it well....

    Now if I go alone or with a friend and we are relaxed and no need to hurry and no one calling me 18 times, I'm fine....but I can not deal with stress or guilt over shopping.....give me a broadband connection and a debit card and I'm good to go! :D

  3. Alright. I am cheating. I am doing my 7 here cuz I'm not a fan of these. But I hate to disappoint.

    1. I've lived in my current house for 5 years. That is the longest I have lived any one place since I left home 17 years ago.

    2. I don't like overhead lighting, especially what I've got in my house. I rarely use it.

    3. I try to eat and use organic products.

    4. I rarely use a hairdryer.

    5. I plan to write the great American novel ... someday.

    6. I have blue eyes.

    7. I don't like mayonnaise.

  4. BW.....I'm not a fan of these things either...but I went ahead and did it....so thanks for playing with me...I sort of needed the distraction today.....and I have a couple things in common with you....I have blue eyes...I hate mayo with a passion (gag me passion) I also plan to write that novel, although I did already write it, that one is of a personal nature and no one will ever read it, sans my family....and I hate overhead lighting...so much so that my husband and I only fight about one thing and this would be it!!! I remove the burned out bulbs from other lights and put it in those so I have the excuse that they just blew out and I have yet to replace them....( I know lame eh?)


  5. and now I am stealing my answers to be used at another blog where I got tagged. LOL. :P

  6. here is the link to the other blog http://wanderingwonderinggypsy.blogspot.com/

    I felt bad for leaving used information behind, so I threw in a bonus #8 over there. ;-)

  7. I will play along... I will be a follower and do it ala BFW style, if that's OK:

    1. I am very clumsy and was knick-named "Gracie" as a kid.

    2. I used to sew and bead.

    3. I love Alien perfume (and I do not like perfumes usually, but it rocks!)

    4. I have hiked in the Grand Canyon, and in various places in AZ.

    5. I am very fair complected and burn very easily.

    6. I love to cook, but I hate doing dishes.

    7. I want to learn to brew my own beer (good stouts!) at home.

  8. Claire.....I call my oldest daughter "Grace" because she lacks it.....I am the klutz in my family and she followed suit...she trips over air and I remind her that the walls she walks into were there before she was and that they unfortunately will not get out of her way.....

    I used to be an avid sewer, and actually did it for money at one time (part of a consulting company I ran) and I was an avid beader with my kids too....every once and a while we get back into it, usually in the winter....but more when we lived in Germany.

    (In my best Gameshow host voice)Thanks for playing our Game..... =)

  9. It sounds like we have some good things in common, although I was never good enough to sew for money. lol Maybe my kids would pay me to not have to wear the things I made them... hmm.

    Emma is very uncoordinated also, so I have her in gymnastics already. I am really hoping that maybe if I keep her in some formal training for grace she will come out more normal than I am.


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