I wanted to join them.....

....it was one of "those" nights.......sleep had evaded me for hours........too much caffeine that day, too many issues thrown at me, too many people with too many problems....you know the kind of day that keeps your mind from shutting down......in the I end I found myself on an art site......going through some very beautiful prints....looking for something that might be a nice addition to my bedroom.....and I came across this one.......

It is entitled, "Dance Me to the End of Love" by Jack Vettriano

The image pulled me in...I wanted to be part of their dance, part of that moment they were in....if only for that moment, I could almost hear the music.....and then the moment ended.....I am missing my partner and in the end it just left me lonesome and sad......

I do think I will order the print though, something very Audrey Hepburn about it.....


  1. The print is beautiful and I fully understand both sentiments of your post.


  2. Thanks Stephanie....I love to dance...and miss my partner in that...in everything and find it so hard to believe he's been gone so long and that in a short time I will have him home again....only to have to let him go once more...it's so bittersweet, but I've done it so many times that you would think it's all so "normal", but it's not...it's so alien to me and the feelings I have just as alien....but enough of that...I am in the hurry up and wait rush to complete everything but no so soon that he gets delayed and we mess it all up.... I just love the military....


  3. Dancing is so romantic..

    Ok not the way hubby and I are doing it right now. Hopefully soon.

    I can't say I understand what you are going through, but I do know that you love your husband and the time you will spend together will be quality if not quantity.

  4. that is a very beautiful picture. It does draw you in, and make you almost a part of it.

  5. My roommate has that print hanging over the mantle in our living room. I will definitely look at it in a different way now...


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