UGH!!!!! Football

I hate cable (tv).....I hate trees (well the tall ones in my yard)....yes go call Greenpeace on me....I hate housing for VARIOUS reasons....(this is just one of them....keeping the word hate in perspective here)


I am a diehard COLTS Fan!

My husband...he's from Texas, he likes the Texans and the Titans, both were Houston teams of course...today the COLTS play HOUSTON......they are both 2-0! The Titans, who are 1-1 play against the Saints Monday night, they are 0-2, so......stats are for all of you out there who are reading this that do not follow this great SPORT......my son is a fullback (offense position) and a defensive end (defense position) he's 9. (he loves football too, but tends to go for the team his dad does...which makes he and I on opposite sides...)

So back to why I hate cable, trees and housing....... My cable company is not showing the Colts game, I have too many damn trees for a signal from a sat dish and HOUSING will not permit the dish to be installed on my house for direct TV......

SO, I once again miss the COLTS game....I missed last weeks game.....where they squeaked by and beat the Titans by 2......but I did get some pleasure of letting my husband know later that night that his team had lost......he WATCHED it up until the last quarter on AFN....now I gotta tell you....it's great and all how AFN works....they don't just broadcast the best teams, there is a method to their madness too....but the Colts and Texans game is being broadcast today on AFN as well, its like I have to move back to Europe to watch some good Sunday Football, what is this world coming to????

Maybe I just figure since I pay for my television service, where I didn't when I had AFN in Europe......that I should get to watch the darn game! Monday night football is where I would go out with my husband and our friends and watch the game.....regardless of who was playing....it was just the fun of it......but I really have no desire to watch the Saints who were beat by INDY with a spread of 31 and TAMPA of 17 during their first two weeks! So......the new season of Heroes starts tomorrow night.... maybe I forego football watch and see if they can keep the world safe, you know, "save the cheerleader, save the world".......

Ugh....this deployment needs to end.....I really hate that I watch TV at all......there are so many other things I could be spending my life doing.......like sleep, or cleaning or laundry.....important stuff........is it October yet?


  1. My hubby had the stupid picture in picture in picture..I think it shows like four games at once.. I can't watch like that. I can only concentrate on 1 game at a time. Sorry Bronco fan here, although we are going down hill fast.. Sorry about your Colts game. Yes October is coming...Probably not fast enough for you..

  2. Yeah, but it's all good....they won...

    My husband called and was giving me play by's yesterday during the the Colts game...so I at least had a commentary on it, all the way from the Sand Box....well when the phone cooperated :D

    I could not do the picture in picture in....you get the point either...I think I would end up with ADD over that.....


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